Hand painted brass triangle and sterling silver band. 


The Ajna Chakra is our 6th primary chakra. It is located in the space between the brow, also known as the third eye space. The symbolic traits of this chakra include the symbol of Om, the lotus flower and an upside down triangle. Om represents meditation and reflection while the lotus flower represents the blossoming of knowledge. Finally, the triangle represents Wisdom and connection to spirituality. It is a mantra of grounding, focus, and recognition of the Divine. The cone-shaped geometric figure is representative of the channeling of information to the seed (or point of the triangle) from which wisdom blossoms. When present with the wearer, the Ajna ring is meant to ground, empower and encourage spiritual, mental and meaningful growth within. 

Each piece is handcrafted and therefore
 one-of-a-kind. Your piece may vary slightly from these images, making it uniquely yours. 

Made to order: Please allow 2-3 weeks from order date for fabrication. 

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