Jewelry Care

All Breece Bryan Jewelry Designs are individually handcrafted and are therefore delicate. Each piece is specially constructed using ancient metalsmithing techniques and finished with unique texture. All of these pieces are created with the intent to last. To insure the longevity of your pieces, here are some ways to help preserve them. 
BBJD pieces are made with sterling silver, brass, oxidized sterling silver and 14k gold filled alloys. Naturally, these metals will tarnish over time. It is encouraged that you embrace the natural process, as the designs are fabricated with this in mind.
If you would prefer, a jewelry polishing cloth or lightly rubbing the piece with dish soap and a tooth brush will restore the original finish. Please keep in mind that when rubbed, the oxidized/black silver will lose its dark appearance. I am always happy to re-oxidize or re-finish your pieces as desired. 
Generally, it is wise to remove your jewelry while swimming, bathing, or participating in physical activities. Removing your jewelry carefully and storing it in a box or in non-tarnish paper is best. Otherwise, being hung separately from other jewelry (to avoid potential scratching) and in a safe place is recommended. 
These pieces are crafted with patiences and care, made for each individual wearer. It is hoped that it is taken care of in the same way in which it was made. 
If there are any questions or concerns, please contact BBJD directly. Your satisfaction is important and will be taken care of directly and as soon as possible. 

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